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What does Vegan beauty mean ?

Vegan means a beauty product that is free of any animal ingredients or animal derivative products.

Often, the term vegan is used to communicate that the product is free of animal ingredients as well as not being tested on animals.

Vegan beauty and cosmetics do not contain anything that was obtained from an animal – living or dead.  Some ingredients used in non-vegan beauty and cosmetics are taken from the left-over parts of slaughtered animals !


What does Vegetarian beauty mean ?

There is a difference between products that are vegan and those that are simply vegetarian.

Vegetarian cosmetics may contain ingredients made by a living animal, for example, beeswax, honey, milk, silk, lanolin, egg whites (albumen).  But they do not contain ingredients that might have been part of an animal.  Vegan beauty and cosmetics avoid all these types of animal ingredients.


Who can use Vegan beauty products ?

Well, absolutely everyone !  There is no restriction, even if you are not following a vegan diet. 

Vegan skincare, haircare, makeup and bath & body products just mean that you will not find some rather unpleasant animal derivatives on your skin such as ‘fish scales’, ‘pig fat’, ‘crushed beetle’ !

The labelling on cosmetic and beauty products can be difficult to interpret and to find these ‘no no’ ingredients as the terminology used is scientific.  And this is where we come in to use our extensive knowledge to help check all the ingredients for you.

Shop in confidence !

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