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We’ve created our delicious Ape coconut snacks to get you eating better for yourself - none of that tasteless, cardboard, superfood, wafer stuff or the sugar laden, chemically pumped, processed nonsense either.   We created natural vegan snacks that are gluten-free and with no added sugar.


At Ape, we believe snacks should be naturally scrumptious and naturally healthy. Boom! We just want you feeling amazing. And that’s how we chose the name ape! It’s about feeling human again, going back to where we come from and eating and smiling!



In my family, we eat according to the paleo lifestyle. Essentially, this just means that we try to eat real, whole, foods found in nature. Nothing fancy - just foods that our bodies are meant to be eating :)


The summer before I was supposed to head off to university in America, my mum took a bunch of coconut flakes, threw them in a pan with some cinnamon and salt and toasted them to utter perfection. With a little tweaking, I thought, I could turn this into a snack!


I arrived at university and immediately knew it wasn’t for me. I was super surprised by the lack of genuinely delicious, but actually healthy, snacks. All the “natural” stuff was still souped up with loads of sugar! Snacks should be yummy and healthy!


I told my parents what I was feeling. With more luck than persuasion, my parents gave me until the end of the summer of 2014 to put something viable together; I was 19 and completely clueless!


Long story short, I met some amazing people, found an awesome business partner (Nigel the coconut is named after this dude), travelled to Thailand, met my parents’ deadline and learned an absolute ton!


And here we are today!


It’s been an incredible journey thus far and I only know it will get more exciting because all you guys are now involved! One day, I hope to bring ape to America and improve food there! But, until then, munch happy everyone :)


Peace, love and coconuts x


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