Soul & Soap Luxury Natural Vegan Bath Bombs

Our sparkling aromatherapy bath bombs guarantee skin nourishment, hydration, protection and care.
Natural oils, added to our bath bombs, hydrate, moisturise and nourish the skin with the bonus of gorgeous aromas. Essential oils added to our bath bombs comes with its own therapeutic benefits to relax and soothe the senses.
What are you waiting for ? Jump in, feed your skin and pamper your soul, safe in the knowledge that our bath bombs are vegan and cruelty- free !
At Soul & Soap, nature inspires us with its uniqueness. We are fascinated by the diversity of shapes, colours and fragrances. We strive to see, touch and feel the magic of nature. 
With natural ingredients collected from round the globe our Soul & Soap products are rich in feelings and goodness, to make your body feel beautiful ! 
We are proud to bring you high quality products with the lowest possible environmental impact, that are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.
Soul & Soap is all about offering products made to light up your feelings and feed your skin. Our beautiful range of bathing and beauty products will indulge your senses and turn your daily care routine into special moments.
We have spent decades on finding the perfect aromas. Incredible, perfectly balanced scents to fill your senses - you haven't experienced bath and body products like this before.
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Soul & Soap Blackcurrant Luxury Vegan Bath Bomb
Soul & Soap Sleeping Unicorn Luxury Vegan Bath Bomb
Soul & Soap Red Grape Luxury Vegan Bath Bomb
Soul & Soap Juicy Watermelon Luxury Vegan Bath Bomb
Soul & Soap Pomegranate Luxury Vegan Bath Bomb
Soul & Soap Unicorn Poop Luxury Vegan Bath Bomb
Soul & Soap Passionfruit Solid Vegan Shampoo
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