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Vegan Belle is the UK's first dedicated vegan and cruelty-free beauty online store.

We offer a curated edit of the best in vegan makeup, skincare and beauty products so that you can ensure you are making the most informed and ethical choices about the makeup and skincare products you are putting on your skin. 

Our products are hand-chosen by us to be the best we can find and we are continually seeking out great, exciting and innovative vegan beauty for you to try.  All the products we select contain plant-based, natural ingredients - often organic - so what is not to love ?

And feel great about the fact that no animals or animal-derived ingredients were involved in any way !  Nice.

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Vegan Belle Organic Cotton Muslin Cloth - Pack of 2
Vegan Belle 'Vegan Warpaint' Black & Gold Large Canvas Cosmetic Bag
Vegan Belle 'Vegan Warpaint' Rainbow Print Cream Large Cosmetic Bag
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