Vegan Belle Organic Cotton Muslin Cloth - Pack of 2


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Vegan Belle's Organic Cotton Muslin Cloth is a absolute must-have addition to your cleansing routine !  Muslin cloths are brilliant for their gentle exfoliating action that leaves skin super clean and smooth.

They are soft and gentle on the skin and help to remove any last traces of dirt, oil, make-up and cleansing product very effectively and without irritating skin.

Quick and easy to use, they can be used with any type of cleanser but work particularly well with cream, oil-based or balm-type cleansers.

Totally re-usable and so much more environmentally friendly that cleansing wipes, their open weave allows them to dry quickly, therefore preventing the growth of bacteria.  They contain no toxic chemicals, just 100% pure organic cotton.  Perfect for travelling too!

Certified Soil Association Organic - Global Organic Textile Standard.


How to Use

After applying your usual cleansing wash or cream, rinse the cloth in warm water and then wipe across face, removing all traces of cleanser.

Rinse your cloth thoroughly after use and leave to dry. 

From time-to-time, clean your cloth by putting it in the washing machine on a cold wash.



100% organic muslin cotton.

Certified Soil Association Organic - Global Organic Textile Standard

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