Cruelty-Free Makeup Brands

Finding cruelty-free makeup brands shouldn’t be a hassle. That is why we offer a wide range of luxury vegan makeup here at Vegan Belle to ensure you can find the best cosmetics for your lifestyle and skin. 

The vegan lifestyle is one we care about deeply. Our team are greatly fond of animals and environmental welfare. That is why we have taken steps to ensure those within the vegan community can still have access to their favourite products while still keeping in touch with their beliefs.

Our list of vegan makeup brands is truly one to behold here at Vegan Belle. In fact, we offer many products from some of the largest cruelty-free makeup providers in the UK; all handpicked personally by us to ensure you can rest knowing we have taken great care selecting our makeup from trusted providers.

We have all the essentials you need for your makeup routine. Whether it may be mascara, foundation, lip gloss or other key cosmetics, we’re confident you can take a look through our site and find something you need for your makeup bag. 

Here are just some of the branded products we can provide;

  • Beauty Without Cruelty Super Cover Cream Concealer
  • Pacifica Stella Gaze Vegan Mascara
  • Fairypants Pressed Glitter Eye Pallets

and many more amazing products we’re sure you’ll love for your skin and lifestyle.

You can make a purchase directly through our website or contact us at where we’ll be happy to deal with your enquires via our expert customer services.

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