Fairypants Pressed Glitter Eye Palettes - Amphirite


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The epitome of Mermaid eyes, this palette was named for the Greek Goddess of the seas. Full of sparkle and blues, it’ll really make a statement.

Use on top of powder eyeshadow for a subtle glimmer, or build up the coverage for a full disco ball effect.

How to use

The best application technique for these glitters is to press your finger/applicator/brush into the pan to pick up glitter, rather than swiping like you would with a normal pressed eyeshadow. Once it’s loaded on, just wipe it over your eye area. These glitters are cosmetic standard, but please still be careful when using it close to your eyes – they’re delicate, and we only get one pair!

These glitters are pretty sturdy once they’re on your face, but they should come off with any good make-up remover. Please be gentle with them – if your glitter ever ‘breaks’ and tries to escape the pan, just use some tissue paper and gently press it back in. The larger glitters are more delicate, so be careful!



Jojoba Oil
Isopropyl Alcohol

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