Fairypants Vegan Lip Balm - Peach Bellini 15g


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This fab flavoured lip balm is super moisturising and will whip your lips into shape all year round. 15g of goodness in a sturdy tin, a little goes a long way, so it’ll last you forever (almost). 

Handmade in Cheshire, the Jojoba Wax acts very similarly to the skins natural oils, so your poor lips will be very grateful for a slick of this every now and then ! Vegan cosmetics are perfect for everyone - cruelty free and fabulous.

Tested only on willing human victims this range of Vegan and Cruelty Free lip balms won’t break the bank – so you can build up your cruelty free collection guilt free ! 

How to Use

Apply a small amount to lips, as and when required



Sweet Almond Oil
Shea Butter
Jojoba Wax
Flavour oils



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