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Our blackcurrant bath bombs are refreshing and rejuvenating that will melt your tensions away ! While you are relaxing in the bath, avocado oil, rose and Vitamin C will take care of your skin moisturising it and giving it an unforgettable aroma.

Active Ingredients

Avocado oil: helps replenish the moisture levels of the skin and leaves it nourished and refreshed. It is full of essential fatty acids, which are fundamental for the skin, in order to retain moisture and protect from outside damage. Naturally occurring vitamins A, D, and E help deliver deep hydration and antioxidant protection, and the lightweight consistency makes avocado oil absorb quickly, leaving a non-greasy finish.

Sea Salt: Rich with minerals, including magnesium, calcium, sodium, and potassium. Soaking in sea salt not only helps blood circulation, it also has natural antiseptic and cleansing abilities. It is a natural detoxifier and it leaves your skin soft without a greasy or overly dry feel.

Vitamin C: One of our favourite ingredients, a skin loving superstar. It helps to soothe, soften and strengthen skin, and improves its texture and appearance. It’s a powerful anti-oxidant which helps to neutralise free radicals which can cause wrinkles and ageing.


How to Use

Place bath bomb in tub full of water. Watch the show, relax, and enjoy !


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